S1, E3: Gandalf the Grey VS Albus Dumbledore – The Battle

by legendarycharacter117


Albus Dumbledore is walking in the Forbidden Forest and finds a strange set of ruins deep into the woods. Pulling out the Elder Wand from his person, Dumbledore walks into the ruins and hears a crackling sound. Turning a corner, the Hogwarts headmaster spots a small campfire but without anyone in attendance. Drawing towards the fire, Dumbledore is about to extinguish the fire when he hears a metallic sound. As a sword comes down, Dumbledore Apparated and appears behind the mysterious attacker. As the attacker turned to face him, Dumbledore saw a gray-bearded man in a gray-blue robes with a pointy gray hat.

“Who are you, stranger in gray?” asked Dumbledore in a cautious tone.

“I am Gandalf the Gray, Servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of the Flame of Anor. You shall not pass!” answer the gray-clad man.

Gandalf VS Dumbledore


Gandalf shoots off a fireball that he conjures from the campfire.

Protego shouts Dumbledore and the fireball washes over the shield. Unfazed, Gandalf calls down lightning upon his sword Glamdring and is about to fire it off. Suddenly, Dumbledore shouts Expelliarmus and the elven sword goes flying.

Even as Glamdring spins in the air, Dumbledore points the Elder Wand at Glamdring, shouts Accio Sword and it goes to his empty outstretched hand. As Dumbledore prepares to release the lightning from Glamdring, Gandalf puts up the Shield of the Istari with his Wizard’s Staff and the lightning scattered over the shield.

As the two wizards circled, trying to gage the other’s movement, Dumbledore fires off with a Sectumsempra, wounding Gandalf. As the Istar attempts to recover, Dumbledore intones Avada Kedavra and the green bolt of magic hits Gandalf square in the chest.

As he falls to the ground, dead, Dumbledore bows before the fallen wizard.


Winner of Episode #3

Winner of Episode #3


There are a few reason as to why Dumbledore won this hugely controversial battle:

  1. Dumbledore had more flexibility with his repertoire of spells than Gandalf.
  2. Gandalf required the elements to power his magic while Dumbledore only needed personal energy to use magic.
  3. The Disarming Charm was able to prevent Gandalf from bringing Glamdring to bear.


Two legendary soldiers bring out their biggest guns to bear on each other.

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